Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Heroes Christmas Tree

The Heroes Christmas Tree

The Blue Star Mothers of NH are once again hosting Heroes Christmas Trees around the state. What started as one tree here in Laconia in 2006 has grown to well over 25 trees all over the state.

Stars of gold, black, and blue adorn the trees bearing the names of United States service members past and present.  Blank stars are available for those who would like to add the name of someone currently serving or a past veteran to the tree.

For more information where Heroes Christmas Trees are being hosted, check our website:

May God bless our sons and daughters this holiday season, those who are now serving and our veterans, our Blue Stars; they stand for hope and pride.

May God bless those we will hold forever in our hearts, our Gold Stars, for their sacrifice to the cause of liberty and freedom.

May God bless those for whom we are still waiting for their return.

Black Stars; they represent our POW/MIA’s. (63 WWII and Korean POW’s who died in captivity, 6 Vietnam POW’s,).

Gold Stars: Our fallen

Blue Stars: Currently serving or Veterans

Blue Star Mothers of NH

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