Tuesday, May 15, 2018

NH Blue Star Mother's Day

Happy New Hampshire Blue Star Mother's Day (First Sunday after Mother's Day)

In honor of our New Hampshire Blue Star Mothers, this day is dedicated to you.... Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Many people still ask what are the Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire? Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire is an organization dedicated to supporting the mothers of service members. We support each other and educate people on how to support families affected by military service.
I say Thank You to these moms, who raised their babies into adults, are now telling their daughters and sons to be safe. Blue Star mothers sit and wait for phone calls. These moms worry, pray, watch the news and send care packages. These moms hope their children come home, too.
I want to wish our Blue Star moms a Happy Blue Star Mother's Day. Believe it or not, your service and sacrifice do not go unnoticed. Thank you for being unselfish and for supporting the decisions your child has made. It could not have been easy for you to watch a daughter or son join the military. This grateful nation appreciates you.
I hope more and more people realize the effect the military has on a family. It is not just a spouse and children who are affected. It is an entire family. Parents, in-laws, brothers, sisters, cousins, all members of the family feel the vacancy a service member leaves when they are gone.
For our Blue Star moms, you are my hero. It is also my hope that you never forget that you are so important. It is because of your love, support and encouragement that our nation sleeps well.
To you all New Hampshire thanks you with this special day:
The governor shall annually issue a proclamation calling for a proper observance of the first Sunday after Mother’s Day which shall be known as Blue Star Mother’s Day recognizing and honoring all mothers who now have, or have had, children honorably serving in the United States Armed Forces. The governor shall urge the citizens of this state to observe this day with appropriate events.

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